Communyti For Affiliate

Every business on the planet is in need a sales person. For some businesses that sales person is the owner themselves. For most businesses, however sales persons are an autonomous breed of go-getters that are capable of combining quick wit with a silver tongue. But no matter how good a sales person is, he stands no chance against a word-of-mouth referral from the faithful customer.

With Communyti, you can add to your sales staff without ever spending a single penny unless the sale comes in.

You, see when you become a Communyti member, we give you a free platform to allow you the ability to turn your customers into superhuman, referral partners. Simply enroll, and become a marketplace vendor. When you do, you will gain access to this amazing system that will not only get you more sales, but ultimately more do-ray-me in your pocket.

Here’s how:

When you enroll a customer into your Affiliate program, they have access to every Affiliate opportunity in the Communyti Network. If they enroll in the Communyti Affiliate Program, and generate revenue you earn, too.

More sales, more cash and more profits. Not a bad proposition.