Communyti For Merchants

Communyti offers merchants a wealth of free services as a way of rewarding your membership and loyalty to other small businesses. Uniquely-designed, each service below provides the foundation for you to save money on every day business expenses. Furthermore, with our for low-costs premium services, you too can turn your business into a more powerful and profitable machine capable of attracting and retaining more customers than ever before.

Free Member Services

It all starts with your Free Enrollment. All that we ask in return for your Free Membership is to allow other businesses to promote their products and service to you, and in return you can promote your products and services to them. That’s the catch.

In an effort to help you get more exposure, Communyti allows their merchants to get a free listing in their home market, but they, too can get unlimited listings in every Communyti directory across the country. Should you want to advertise your business in another city the price is only $1.00 per month/per listing.

When you enroll in Communyti you are automatically enrolled with your own Free Merchant Affiliate Program. This simple, yet effective program allows you to sign up your customers that help you earn money every time they refer others that make purchases from participating businesses.

At Communyti, free marketing is just a click away. Every merchant that enrolls in Communyti has ability to filter and search for qualified customers in your local markets. This is a not a lead list, or even a referral program, it’s a way for our merchants to reach out to real Communyti consumers.

Everyone loves to be rewarded. With Communyti, you can reward your members any way you choose for free. This service is so simple to use that when a consumer presents their virtual Communyti membership card, you can give them whatever discount or reward you choose. It’s that easy. Some conditions do apply on this service. Please contact one of our representatives to find out more.

Just about every small business owner is in need of free advertising. Well, ask and you shall receive. At Communyti, the more you spend, the more you save. In fact, when you refer a merchant that becomes a Communyti member, you earn $25.00 in real advertising credits that you can redeem withing the Communyti marketplace towards any advertising service we have.

Free Loyalty is just a click away. Seriously.

Just think, every time a customer shops with you, you give them loyalty points in the form of store credit each time they make a purchase. They can then redeem those points only with you. No one else. Only you. Oh and you get to choose the amount however, we do require a minimum of 5% in loyalty credit be awarded.

Not to shabby, huh?

All these benefit simply from a free membership in an online directory built solely to empower your business. With that said, what do you have to lose by signing up? While it is true that there are paid services and features available, your membership and the services included in that membership are free. If you choose to make the most of your membership, great. You, too can acquire some of our extremely low-priced packages and add-ons. You can even take it a step further and tap into some of our amazing premium services like your very own marketplace, website or even turn key business solutions. The choice is yours. To continue to your enrollment, simply click on the Enroll Now button below. We hope to see you here soon.