Free Loyalty

Loyalty programs are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. And they are very profitable. At least for the companies that manage them.

In fact, most loyalty companies take an average of 15 to 22% of the total purchase just for the right to use their system. Hey, it’s all about the traffic, right?


For them, it’s all about the money. They don’t care about your or the customer.

At Communyti, we look at things completely different. Our thought on this is people first, money later.

In fact, we allow provide you with your own loyalty program for free. Give as many points as you wish to your customers. We don’t care if you give 1 point or 10,000. We charge you the same…NOTHING.

This program is easy to use. Simply enroll your customers and point them to your Communyti Marketplace. When they make their purchases their they accumulate loyalty points that they can use for cash-back, or even free products and services. You decide.

We provide you the ability, the means and the reporting you need to maintain the program. If you want, we can even provide you with custom add-ons to enhance your loyalty program at an extremely low rate. In fact, Cooperative members can even get these services without spending a single penny.

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