Free Rewards

Everyone loves to be rewarded. Communyti customers are no exception.

While rewards come in many fashions, Communyti uses rewards in the form of discounts. Communyti gives you the option on how you wish to reward your customers.

With Communyti, merchants can reward Communyti members with any discount they chose. 5, 10, 15% off, is all up you. The choice is yours and not dictated by us.

To let the world know you are a rewarding merchant, simply check the rewards box in your dashboard, and enter the amount. When you do, a star  along with the reward amount will show beside your name in the directory.  This way, consumers know who is giving a reward and how much it is. The greater the reward the greater the traffic. Guaranteed.

Furthermore, if you wish to take your rewards effort to the next level, try our Rewards Plus add-on. (coming soon).

This feature will allow you to add a section to your listing and a listing on our soon to be created discounts section where you can promote your rewards in a more detailed and direct manner.

So, if you want to start getting customers through your door, start rewarding them in a way to wants them to show up and buy.

This program comes free with your membership. Why not use it?