Communyti For Merchants

Communyti offers a gathering place for you to promote your business in one of our many local directories. When you do, you not only get free listing in your local market, you also gain special access to a wealth of services that are only available to Communyti members.

But that is just a start.

You, see at Communyti, your free membership gets you access to your very own virtual assistant to serve your business needs 24/7. Its your business. Go run it. Let the folks here at Communyti direct your worries to the people that can truly handle them for you.

Member Benefits

In an effort to help you get more exposure, Communyti allows their merchants to get a free listing in their home market, but they, too can get unlimited listings in every Communyti directory across the country. Should you want to advertise your business in another city the price is only $1.00 per month/per listing.

At Communyti your listing is more than just a name on a page. It is an entire page that you can use to:

  • tell your story
  • create brand awareness
  • and promote specials and discounts

At Communyti, merchants get the ability to promote their business 24/7. To do that, simply click on the share button on your listing and you, too can share yourself with the world across a wide range of social media platforms.

Each and every Communyti member has free and unlimited access to an ever-growing list of freelancers, products and services both inside and outside the Communyti network.